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Agricultural Futures & Options: A Hedger's Self Study Guide
This Hedger's Self Study Guide provides a detailed introduction to agricultural futures and options markets from a risk management perspective. The 72 page book includes market concepts, terminology and strategies for both the buy and sell side of the market. Self-study quizzes are interspersed throughout the publication as a means of monitoring your market knowledge and progress.

Agricultural Metric Conversion Guide
Includes tables for converting metric tons to U.S. measurements. Also included in this handy pocket guide are price conversion tables equating the dollar value of a given commodity to the dollar value in metric tons. Click here to be directed the Ag Calculator on the CBOT website.  

An Introduction to Trading CBOT Agricultural Futures and Options
A world without grains and oilseeds and the commodity markets in which they are efficiently traded would be unthinkable. In whole and processed forms, grains and oilseeds provide nourishing food for our families, feed our livestock and are primary ingredients for an ever-increasing range of non-food products including renewable fuels.

Side-by-Side Agricultural Trading  
August 1, 2006 marked the CBOT's historic launch of electronic agricultural futures trading side-by-side with the open auction market during daytime trading hours. Side-by-side trading allows customers to choose how they access the CBOT’s liquid agricultural markets. 

Agricultural Tutorial

Learn to understand the ins and outs of the agricultural market! Differences between cash and futures, margins, speculators, hedgers, and types of orders are all covered. Find out about technical market analysis - and even how to open a trading account!

Agricultural Options Tutorial
Learn the fundamentals of agricultural options including terminology, concepts, pricing and strategies through this interactive tutorial. Find out what has made the agricultural options markets grow to be a successful component of the futures industry since 1984 by exploring the advantages and disadvantages of both risk management and trading strategies using commodity options. 

Electronic CBOT Ethanol Futures
Real time quotes and market depth for the CBOT Ethanol contract are now available FREE on the CBOT website.

Classes / Training 
The Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT®) offers on an ongoing basis a number of educational and training programs taught by leading market practitioners. These programs cover a wide range of topics involving different markets, topics, and trading applications.